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Promote policy change from the bottom up through the nonprofit sector.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Civil Society Nongovernmental Organizations and Civil Society

Turn compassion into action to address critical global issues.

Become a changemaker and build skills to steer nonprofit organizations, foster resilience, and alleviate poverty in communities around the world.

Areas of Focus

  • Gender equity
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Poverty and food security
  • Religion and development
  • Strategic and financial management

Internship Experiences

Put your knowledge into practice to advance society, whether close to home or around the globe. Prior to graduation, you’ll also complete a 300-hour internship at an approved site.

Previous Internship Sites

  • Peace Corps
  • U.S. Department of State
  • RealStart
  • Reading is FUNdamental
  • Global Solutions Pittsburgh
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Career Paths

Whether you’re passionate about alleviating world hunger, advocating for human rights, or advancing gender equity, you’ll have the versatile and practical skills to help communities prosper around the globe.

Potential Workplaces

  • Nongovernmental organizations like Oxfam America, USAID, Global Links, Food Resource Bank, EGBOK Institute Cambodia, Catholic Relief Services, and Samaritan’s Purse International Relief
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Major Courses and Plans of Study

As a major in nongovernmental organizations and civil society, you’ll gain deep insight into the role of NGOs in international development. You’ll also complete a set of required degree courses, which are outlined in the MID plan of study.

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Featured Courses

  • Trace the historic origins and contemporary expressions of philanthropy to understand the multiple dimensions of the growing and increasingly global source of capital and innovation in the nonprofit sector. You’ll become familiar with who gives, why they give, and how they structure their philanthropy, as well as different strategies and new approaches for fundraising. 

  • Nonprofit organizations and nongovernmental organizations are a part of what is generally referred to as civil society. You’ll gain introductory knowledge about leadership, management, and policy-making in nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. 

  • Critically examine how development processes affect women, men, and gender relations. In doing so, you’ll aim to contribute to an ongoing discussion on the meaning and operationalization of inclusive and equitable development. 

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Centers, Institutes, and Initiatives

Gain experience in research, teaching, and public service dedicated to nongovernmental organizations and their role in improving society. 

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