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Meet challenges that span business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Public and Nonprofit Management Public and Nonprofit Management

Gain practical tools to manage and lead.

From grassroots contributions to global applications, acquire the skills and perspectives in demand by public and nonprofit organizations.

Areas of Focus

  • Community development
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Leadership and management
  • Public administration
  • Social and public policy

Internship Experiences

Put your knowledge into practice to help solve real organizational challenges in the public and nonprofit sectors. Prior to graduation, you’ll also complete a 300-hour internship at an approved site.

Previous Internship Sites

  • The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • Quzhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
  • Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
  • Junior Achievement
  • YMCA
  • Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Cameroon Football Development Program
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Career Paths

Design and implement sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by government and nonprofit organizations.

Potential Workplaces

  • Nonprofits and NGOs
  • Government agencies and offices
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Major Courses and Plans of Study

As a public and nonprofit management major, you’ll acquire and practice management skills and analytical techniques designed to improve the quality of decisions in public and nonprofit organizations. Building on the foundation provided by GSPIA’s strong core curriculum, you’ll then select one of several specialized courses of study.

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Featured Courses

  • Trace the historic origins and contemporary expressions of philanthropy to understand the multiple dimensions of the growing and increasingly global source of capital and innovation in the nonprofit sector. You’ll become familiar with who gives, why they give, and how they structure their philanthropy, as well as different strategies and new approaches for fundraising. 

  • Learn the various accounting methods used in both private-sector organizations and NGOs. After completing this course, you should be able to read and understand the annual reports of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, analyze the published financial statements within the reports to ascertain the well-being of the organization, and make managerial decisions based on the results of your analysis. 

  • Receive a broad overview of and hands-on practice in the skills you need to effectively supervise and manage people in public and nonprofit organizations. This course emphasizes the challenges of managing people within the broader context of political or board control, as well as budgeting, planning, and information management.

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Centers, Institutes, and Initiatives

Gain experience in research, teaching, and service in public and nonprofit management. 

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